Authentication & Transfers

As everybody (hopefully) knows we made a switch to FiveM’s Asset Escrow system at the beginning of 2022.
Since then we had a large number of requests we simply were not able to fulfill.
We would like to go through them in order to explain the situation and our stance:

Once You make a purchase it is automatically assigned to Your Keymaster / FiveM account.
This being Your account it is Your decision on who will have access, as well as Your duty to protect it.
We cannot be held responsible for anything unwanted happening to Your keymaster account and assigned assets, and we cannot be expected to deal with such issues.
The reasoning behind this is fairly simple - we do not have access to information in the same way as we did with MyCodesign.
This makes it impossible for us to confirm or deny any of the claims when trying to resolve such issues.
In case anything similar happens it is best to contact FiveM’s support, since this is their platform and they have access to more information than us.

The transfer system currently allows for a one-time transfer.
Before You transfer an asset You are prompted with this message:
WARNING: Transfer will remove this license from your account and move it to another account. This action is irreversible and can be done only once for each license.
The Keymaster system in its current state does not allow reversing this action.
While we do have the ability to go around this mechanism, we believe it would not be fair to do so since it would technically circumvent the current system, and would not be fair for everyone since it would have to be done on a case-to-case basis.
To put it simply - we will not deal with:
  • “Accidental” transfers
  • Transfers due to compromised accounts
  • Transfers due to management issues within Your community
Please take care of Your Keymaster accounts, do not give access to untrusted people, and do not make shady deals.
In case a community member is purchasing a resource for a server it is always easier to use the “Gift” option on Tebex, so the asset(s) always end up on the correct account.

Since the Keymaster system allows for a one-time transfer, our “Customer” role transfer policy will remain compliant with this.
The Customer role, along with asset roles, allows a Discord user to receive support for the purchased resources.
In order to complete a transfer of ownership certain criteria will have to be met:
  • A ticket opened from the original owner requesting a transfer
  • Mention of a Discord user who will receive the roles
  • A statement that explains the reason for transfer
  • The request needs to be a full transfer request - meaning the owner will lose all support privileges.
Once a transfer is complete it cannot be reversed.
These rules also apply to customers whose Discord accounts have been compromised and are requesting a transfer to another one.
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