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Step 0 - First Steps

1. Download your resource from FiveM’s Keymaster.

2. Unzip the cd_terminalhacker.zip folder and place this folder in your server's resource folder.

3. Add the resource to your server start config (server.cfg): ensure cd_terminalhacker.

Step 1 - Configure Resource

You MUST read all configurable options inside the [cd_terminalhacker/configs/config.lua] file and configure them to suit your server's needs. Please read the ”commented out help text” at the end of each line so you can understand what each config option does.

The most important section is the options under the Important section at the top of the config.lua. Everything else is optional.

Step 2 - Integrate Into Your Robbery Resources

This works like any other hacking mini-game for FiveM, just more interactive. You would place the export (as seen below) in a robbery script, for example, and if the player completes the hack, you can either reward the player or allow them to progress to the next stage. The scoreboard allows players to compete for the bragging rights of the best hacker.

The code below can only be placed inside a client.lua file, not a server.lua file.

local example = exports['cd_terminalhacker']:StartTerminalHacking()
if example.success then
    print('im a winner')
    print(example.time) --Returns the amount of time taken to complete (in seconds).
    print(example.score) --Returns the score. (You gain a higher score from downloading more optional files).
    print('i suck so bad')


Chat Commands

These chat commands can be renamed and/or disabled in the Keys and Commands section of the [configs/config.lua].

The exact usage for each command will be displayed in the chat suggestions when using the commands in-game.




(Test Command) This is a test command which opens the terminal hacker UI.

About The Game

The hacking game's point is finding the proper .exe file somewhere in a remote PC's directory. Some .exe files are corrupted and will set you back. (You need to figure out which is which). Along your search path, you are supposed to download additional files from the file system and gain a score. Score and time taken to determine the leader board placement, and the server owner can set their actions based on time and score.


Please check out our Troubleshooting Guide before contacting our support.

🔔 Folder Name Make sure the folder name is cd_terminalhacker.

🔔 Encrypted Files Do not edit the encrypted files in any way.


If you see an error code not listed below, please open a script support ticket in the Codesign Discord.



Files Changed

Not every update requires you to replace the whole folder. We do this because we understand it's a pain to redo the configs for every update.

  • All Files - This means you should delete your old cd_terminalhacker folder, download and add in the latest version, reconfigure the configs folder and restart your server.

  • All Files Except config.lua - This means you should do all of the above (in the All Files section) but additionally make a backup of the config.lua file and replace the new config.lua file with the one you made a backup of.

  • Specific Files - This means you can copy and paste the SPECIFIC new files over the old ones and restart the server.

Update Type

On rare occasions, you are forced to update to the latest version. Mostly due to authentication updates where the old versions will no longer work.

  • Mandatory - This means you MUST update to this new version, or the old versions will no longer work.

  • Optional - This means it's completely your choice whether you wish to update to the latest version. But we do not offer support for old versions for obvious reasons; they are old.

Skipping Updates

If you are attempting to update to the latest version but have skipped previous updates you should update all files just to be safe. For example., let's say you are currently on v4.0.1, you did not update when v4.0.2 was released, and now v4.0.3 is released and you want to update; you should always use the “All Files” update method.

26/12/2020 - 21/06/2021

v3.0.0 - v3.0.4

Files Changed:

Update Type:



  • Fixed random server error on server start.

  • Fixed a login bug fix.

  • Temporary fix for the canary issue until the new Tebex FiveM license system is ready to launch, when this is released we will be fully switching over to the new system.

  • Fix for terminalhacker not properly resetting after exiting.

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