Vehicle Control

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1. Unzip the folder and place this folder in your server's resource folder.
2. Add the resource to your server start config: ensure cd_vehiclecontrol.
3. WARNING The name of the folder must not be changed or the resource will not function correctly.
4. WARNING Do not edit the encrypted files in any way.


Step 1 - Configure the resource

You MUST read all of the configurable options inside the config.lua and configure them to suit your server's needs. Please read the ”commented out help text” at the end of each line so you can understand what each config option does.
The most important sections are the options under the Framework and Important sections at the top of the config.lua. Everything else is optional.

Step 2 - Configure your key binds

Before starting this resource on your main/live server we highly advise you to configure your key binds because this resource uses Fivem's Key Mapping.
Why? Well long story short;- once a player has joined your server with this resource running you can no longer force change their key binds for this resource through the config.lua, only they can change it in the in-game pause menu settings. Although it will change for the players who join after you have changed it.
The benefit of this system is that it's much more optimised and players can easily change their own key binds on keyboards or controllers. You can also check out the Default Keybinds for this resource.


Default Key Binds

Please Read Here for more information regarding key mapping.
Open the vehicle control's UI.

Chat commands

All of these chat commands can be renamed and disabled/enabled in the config/code.
If a command isn't working, make sure the config option for the said feature is enabled in the config.lua.
Open the vehicle control's UI.


These events are completely optional, you can use them if needed. These are less important events, the more important events are documented in the other sections above.
client-side to client-side
Open the UI
Open the vehicle control's UI.
Close the UI
Close the vehicle control's UI.


Please check out our Troubleshooting Guide before contacting our support.
🔔 Folder Name Make sure the name of the folder is cd_vehiclecontrol.
Some extras such as lightbars not working?
eg., the lightbar extra for example can be toggled off, but when toggled back on it's not visible.
✔️ Sometimes extras such as lightbars will only be visible if the car is fully repaired first.
To fix this you can set Config.Extras.extras_workaround_fix to true in the configs/config.lua.
There is a downside with this though; because to overcome this issue we fully repair the vehicle. After the extra has been enabled we re-aply most of the damage such as broken doors, broken windows and popped tyres. But we are unable to re-apply the minor visual body damage such as dints, bumps or scratches. So some players may abuse this to repair minor visual body damage on their vehicles.


If you see an error code which isn't listed below please open a script support ticket in the Codesign Discord.


Files Changed: Not every update requires you to replace the whole folder. We do this because we understand it's a pain to redo the configs for every update.
  • All Files - This means you should delete your old cd_vehiclecontrol folder, download and add in the latest version, reconfigure the configs folder and restart your server.
  • Specific Files - This means you can simply copy and paste the SPECIFIC new files over the old ones and restart the server.
Update Type: On rare occasions, you are forced to update to the latest version. Mostly due to authentication updates where the old versions will no longer work.
  • Mandatory - This means you MUST update to this new version or the old versions will no longer work.
  • Optional - This means it's completely your choice whether you wish to update to the latest version. But we do not offer support for old versions for obvious reasons; they are old.


Files Changed:
  • All files
  • Specific Files
Update Type:
  • Mandatory
  • Optional
  • Development Stage: COMPLETE
  • Alpha Test Stage: COMPLETE
  • Beta Test Stage: COMPLETE


Files Changed:
  • All files
  • Specific Files
Update Type:
  • Mandatory
  • Optional
  • Added a config option to disable the use of toggling liveries, extras or neons on the ui.
  • Disabled the option to toggle extras when in a helicopter.


Files Changed:
  • All files
  • Specific Files
Update Type:
  • Mandatory
  • Optional
  • Job-restricted Usage: You can allow all players to be able to use this part of the UI to toggle extras and liveries or you can restrict it to certain jobs only (you can choose multiple jobs).
  • Location Restricted Usage: You can allow players to be able to use this part of the UI to toggle extras and liveries anywhere on the map or you can restrict it to certain areas around the map (you can choose multiple locations).
  • Note: The 2 usage-restricting features above^^ can work independently of each other or in combination with each other; (for example., only police and ambulance jobs can use the UI to toggle extras but also they can only do this in certain areas around the map.)
  • Bugged Extras (lightbars) Fix 1: If your vehicle is in full health you will now be able to toggle on the bugged extras such as lightbars.
  • Bugged Extras (lightbars) Fix 2: Added a new config option Config.Extras.extras_workaround_fix which will also fix this issue on vehicles that are damaged but do have small side effects #Common Issues.
  • Changed the default key from N to K as n had some issues with the chat.