Step-by-step installation guide, common issues & solutions, code snippets, error codes, config previews, locales previews, SQL previews, and changelogs; all in 1 easily accessible place.

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Step 0 - First Steps

1. Download your resource from FiveM’s Keymaster.

2. Unzip the folder and place this folder in your server's resource folder.

3. Add the resource to your server start config (server.cfg): ensure cd_garage. If you are using a framework, it must be placed anywhere below your framework resource e.g., es_extended, not above.

ensure es_extended
ensure cd_garage

Step 1 - Fxmanifest

Depending on your framework and dependencies, you may need to make some changes inside the [cd_garage/fxmanifest.lua]. We have made this easier by commenting on the lines you possibly need to change.

Step 2 - Configure Resource

You MUST read all configurable options inside the [cd_garage/configs/config.lua] file and configure them to suit your server's needs. Please read the ”commented out help text” at the end of each line so you can understand what each config option does.

The most important sections are the options under the Framework and Important sections at the top of the config.lua. Everything else is optional.

NEW: Auto Framework Detect!

We have added a new feature we are calling 'auto_detect', which will automatically identify your framework and SQL database resource, and apply the appropriate default settings.

Step 3 - SQL Database

Insert Automatically?

If you set Config.AutoInsertSQL in the [cd_garage/configs/config.lua] to true, the resource will automatically insert the SQL for you. You can set this to false after the SQL has been inserted successfully.

Insert Manually?

Alternatively, if you want to insert the SQL queries manually, you can find them here.

Step 4 - Configure Key Binds

Before starting this resource on your main/live server, we highly advise configuring your key binds because this resource uses Fivem's Key Mapping.

Where can I configure my key binds?

You can configure key binds in the Keys and Commands section near the bottom of the [cd_garage/configs/config.lua].

Why do I need to do this?

Well long story short;- once a player has joined your server with this resource running you can no longer force change their key binds for this resource through the config.lua, only they can change it in the in-game pause menu settings. Although it will change for the players who join after you have changed it.

The benefit of this system is that it's much more optimised and players can easily change their key binds on keyboards or controllers. You can also check out the Default Keybinds for this resource.

Step 5 - Install Dependencies

Where can I find these dependencies?

Open the [cd_garage/dependencies] folder. The folders inside are the required dependencies. You will find a text file inside each folder that includes a GitHub download link. Alternatively, they are listed in the table below.

Where should I put these dependencies?

These resources should be placed in your resources folder like any other, but remember, you shouldn't put them in the cd_garage folder.

Do I need to add them to the server start config?

Required: If a dependency is listed below as required, then no, because it will start automatically due to it being listed as a dependency for this resource.

Optional: If a dependency is listed as optional, then yes, you need to add it to your server.cfg.

Resource NameDownloadDetails



REQUIRED for the inside garage shell.


REQUIRED by default but can be replaced.


OPTIONAL is used by default for syncing the time inside the garage shell but can be replaced.


OPTIONAL is used by default for vehicle lockpicking if enabled but can be replaced/removed.

Step 6 - Vehicle Keys

Do you use cd_garage’s built-in vehicle key system?

Yes? The keys will automatically be given when you spawn a vehicle from the garage. You should read the information in Vehicle Keys, as you may need to add the cd_garage add key event in other resources that spawn vehicles, such as vehicle shops or your frameworks /car chat command.

Do you use a different vehicle key script?

Yes? By default, we have added compatibility with some, but not all, key resources. If your key resource isn't listed, In the [cd_garage/configs/client_customise_me.lua]file, find the function named [GiveVehicleKeys], and add the event/export from your existing vehicle keys script to give a player keys when a vehicle is spawned from the garage. (See image below).

Do you not use any vehicle key script?

Then you can skip this step.

Step 7 - Vehicle Plate Format


You must complete this step correctly. You must read the information below and confirm your server's plate format.

Please read all 3 options below carefully before confirming which one you use.

Please note that you NEED to use the plate format your server already uses; changing them just because you like the benefits can cause script-breaking issues.

What is vehicle plate formats?

Your vehicle shop/car dealer is the script that usually decides what plate format owned vehicles will use on your server. So you need to configure the Config.PlateFormats in the [configs/config.lua] file to what plate format your server uses. We have added compatibility with all 3 known plate formats.

Short Explanation

By default, every vehicle's plate in FiveM is 8 characters long. So for example if your vehicle shop forces the plate to be 4 characters long, when you use the FiveM native to get a vehicle's plate GetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle), this will return a string that is 8 characters long even though the plate is 4 characters long on your vehicle in-game (ABCD); because FiveM will add whitespaces until the plate is 8 characters long including whitespaces.

What do you mean by "trimmed" plate format?

By "trimmed", we mean your vehicle shop removes all spaces and whitespaces from the default 8-character plate.

Example of what the "trimmed" plate looks like when using DEBUG PRINTS.

Example of what the "trimmed" plate looks like in the DATABASE.

Example of what the "trimmed" plate looks like IN-GAME.

Does your server use the "trimmed" vehicle plate format?

Then you need to set the Config.PlateFormats in the config.lua to 'trimmed'.

To sum up the above:

Do you use QBCore?

Use the "mixed" option.

Do you use esx_vehicleshop, and are your plates formatted like [ABC 123]?

Use the "mixed" option.

My plates are 8 characters with no spaces [ABCD1234]?

Use the "trimmed" option.


This section is to help you understand how the built-in features of this resource work and, if applicable, how you can make them compatible with other resources. These features are not required. They are optional and can be configured in the [configs/config.lua].

Vehicles Data (vehicle names)

We will grab this data on ESX from the "vehicles" database table, as this is very common in esx servers. So we will use this to store information for us to display on the garage UIs.

If Config.VehiclesData is enabled, the script will fetch the vehicle display name, vehicle class, vehicle price, and the garage tax amount (if Config.VehiclesData.garage_tax is enabled) from the "vehicles" database table. This is simply the easiest way to fully configure everything for your server's needs.

Multiple "vehicles" database tables

We were informed that some servers use multiple "vehicles" database tables for donator vehicles, emergency vehicles etc. So all you need to do is add the names of these database tables into the Config.VehiclesData.VehicleDatabase_TableNames in the config,lua.

Boat & Air garages

How does boat & air garages work?

When a player purchases a boat/air vehicle, the script requires you to update the garage_type for this vehicle in the database. If you do not use boat/air vehicles, you can ignore this as the default garage_type value in the database is “car.”

Compatible Code Snippets Provided by Codesign

On our Garage Resource Integration page, we provide photos, customized code snippets, and the exact lines to modify for full compatibility with ESX, QBCore and Paid Resources.

Click here for ESX.

Click here for QBCore.

Click here for Paid Resources.

Ideally the garage_type should be set in the same SQL query that adds the vehicle to the database when the vehicle is purchased.

The garage_type can only be set to 3 values: 'car' 'boat' 'air' . These values must be a string.

For example, to make a boat show in the boat garage, you need to edit the SQL query in your vehicle shop to insert 'boat' into the garage_type column in the owned_vehicles / player_vehicles database table for this vehicle. And the same for air vehicles.

You don't need to do this for cars/bikes, as the default value In the database for this column is always ’car’.

Private Garages

How do private garages work?

Private garages function the same way as normal public garages, but they can be placed anywhere using a chat command, and only the player who purchased them can see or use them. In the config.lua you can allow certain jobs, such as real estate, to create and sell these private garages to players.

Property Garages

How does property garages work?

If you use a paid property resource, then the developer of said resource will be best suited to help you with the property garages, as the Codesign Team doesn't have access to their resources. We can't access them without the developer's permission, considering we haven't purchased them. But, we have made it extremely simply for you to implement this into your property resource.

Do you use QBCore?

You don't need to make any changes; this is already pre-configured!

How do I choose the type of garage to open:

Choose either 'quick' or 'inside' in the 1st argument.

Choose the shell to enter if you use the inside garage:

Replace nil with '10cargarage_shell' or '40cargarage_shell' in the 2nd argument.

TriggerEvent('cd_garage:PropertyGarage', 'quick', nil)

Fake Plates

How to fake plates work?

In the config.lua, you can configure the usable item’s spawn name. Stand close to a vehicle you own, use the item, enter the new plate in the text box and the new fake plate will be applied to your vehicle. When you store your car in the garage it will remove the fake plate. You and/or configured jobs such as the police can also use the chat command to remove a fake plate.

Built-in Vehicle Keys Required!

This only comes pre-configured for our built-in keys system. It will not work by default with other key resources unless you trigger an event/export to give keys after a fake plate has been added.

Vehicle Keys

How does vehicle keys work?

If you are using the built-in vehicle keys system, you will need to trigger an event every time you spawn a vehicle in other non-codesign resources eg., /car command, vehicle shop(s), civilian job vehicles(s), etc.

Script Conflicts!

You MUST stop/remove other key scripts if you are using our built-in key system. Always double-check to see if they are stopped because if your keys script is listed as a dependency, it will automatically start even if you removed it from the server start config.

Compatible Code Snippets Provided by Codesign

On our Garage Resource Integration page, we provide photos, customized code snippets, and the exact lines to modify for full compatibility with ESX, QBCore and Paid Resources.

Click here for ESX.

Click here for QBCore.

Click here for Paid Resources.

Copy the code snippet below and paste it into any resource where you want the player to have the keys to a vehicle.


  • This event must be placed after the vehicle has been created/spawned.

  • If the vehicle’s plate changes after it has been created/spawned, the event must be placed below that.

You need to make sure vehicle is defined.
TriggerEvent('cd_garage:AddKeys', exports['cd_garage']:GetPlate(vehicle))

Persistent Vehicles

How does persistent vehicles work?

Our persistent vehicle feature will save and respawn any vehicles that have despawned either while you are in the server or after you have re-logged. Only vehicles spawned through our garage will be persistent by default unless you add more persistent vehicles by using the events below. A vehicle’s last saved position will be set when the vehicle has been sitting still for longer than 5 seconds. Please note that vehicles will not save and respawn after a server restart.

Possible Modifications are Required!

If you use this feature, you must add the event below to remove a persistent vehicle in external resources; for example., in your /dv chat command, in an external impound resource or if the plate changes; otherwise, it will respawn.

Compatible Code Snippets Provided by Codesign

On our Garage Resource Integration page, we provide photos, customized code snippets, and the exact lines to modify for full compatibility with ESX, QBCore and Paid Resources.

Click here for ESX.

Click here for QBCore.

This should be triggered when a vehicle is spawned that you want to be persistent. The 1st argument is the vehicle's plate and the 2nd argument is the vehicle's network id.
TriggerServerEvent('cd_garage:AddPersistentVehicles', exports['cd_garage']:GetPlate(vehicle), NetworkGetNetworkIdFromEntity(vehicle))

Job Garages

How do job garages work?

We have 3 options for job garages, each job garage location can be set to use a different method and needs to be implemented in a different way.

This garage script does not include any kind of vehicle shop, so if you choose to use the Personal Owned or Society Owned methods you would need to sort that out yourself.

Compatible Code Snippets Provided by Codesign

On our Garage Resource Integration page, we provide photos, customized code snippets, and the exact lines to modify for full compatibility with ESX, QBCore and Paid Resources.

Click here for ESX.

Do you use QBCore? By default, QBCore uses the regular job garage method. So, unfortunately, we don't have any guides for setting up personal or society garages.

What are regular job vehicles?

These are spawned in vehicles and are not owned by anyone.

Add the vehicles of your choice to the Config.JobVehicles.RegularMethod table in the config. Each job has its own choice of vehicles that players with said job can only use.

Gang Garages

How do gang garages work?

The difference between job and gang garages is that once a player stored their personal car in a gang garage, anyone in that gang can take it out and use it until the owner puts in back into their personal garage. Other gang members can not store your vehicle in their personal garage.

Do you use ESX?

Gang garages can only be used on Qbcore because gangs on esx are standard jobs. You should use the job garage for gangs on ESX.

Changing Garage Names

If you wish to change the names of the garages from eg., A to Legion you would need to configure the Garage_ID variable in the Config.Locations in the configs/config.lua file. The script will automatically take care of the rest for you regarding the database.

Garage Phone Apps

How do garage phone apps work?

By default, most likely, your phone's garage app wont be compatible with cd_garage, but we provide you with code snippets for compatibility to resolve this problem in our Garage Resource Integration.

Custom vehicle logos

Credits to @Baby Amnesia for making this tutorial.


Default Key Binds

These keys can be modified and/or disabled in the Keys and Commands section of the [configs/config.lua].

Please make sure you understand how Key Mapping works.




Open the outside quick garage.


Enter the inside garage.


Store your vehicle.


Hotwire a vehicle.


Toggle vehicle lock.

Chat Commands

These chat commands can be renamed and/or disabled in the Keys and Commands section of the [configs/config.lua].

The exact usage for each command will be displayed in the chat suggestions when using the commands in-game.




Impound system to impound a vehicle.


Transfer system to transfer a vehicle to another player.


Check the mileage of the vehicle you are in.


Players with defined jobs can sell garage slots to other players.


Check how many garage spaces you have.


(Staff only) Add the vehicle you are currently sat inside to a player's garage.


(Staff only) Delete the vehicle you are currently sat inside from the database.


(Staff only) Change the plate of the vehicle you are currently sat inside.


(Staff only) Give yourself keys to the vehicle you are currently sat inside.


Players with defined jobs can create and sell private garages to players.


Remove a fake plate from the closest vehicle.


Give temporary keys (keys delete after server restart) to to the closest player to the closest vehicle.


Give saved keys (keys save in database) to to the closest player to the closest vehicle.


Open the keys UI to remove keys you have given out to other players.


Toggle vehicle lock.


Start lockpicking the closest vehicle.


These events are completely optional; you can use them if needed.


Check a vehicle's mileage.

Impound Vehicle

Opens the impound UI. You can send a vehicles id as the first argument, otherwise, it will choose the closest vehicle.

Transfer Vehicle

Transfer the vehicle you are sat in. You must send the player's server-id in the first argument.
TriggerEvent('cd_garage:TransferVehicle', playerid)

Vehicle Lock

Toggle vehicle lock of the closest vehicle.

Update Garage Type

Update the database with the correct garage_type for the vehicle a player is sat in.

Impound Vehicle Directly Through code

This event allows you to send vehicle's to the impound directly through code, without needing the in-game UI.
TriggerEvent('cd_garage:ImpoundVehicle:Direct', {
    plate = plate, -- string, the vehicle's plate.
    impound = impound, -- number, the ImpoundID from the Config.ImpoundLocations.
    props = props, -- table, the vehicles props.
    time = time, -- number, the time the vehicle was impounded.
    description = description, -- string, the description of why the vehicle was impounded.
    canretrive = canretrive, -- boolean, if the vehicle can be retrieved from the impound by the owner.
    vehicle = vehicle, -- number, the vehicle entity.


These exports are completely optional; you can use them if needed.

Get Garage Type

Returns the type of vehicle the player is sat in (‘car’ / ‘boat’ / ‘air’) (string).

Get Mileage Data

Returns the mileage table which includes; plate, mileage, maxhealth (table).

Get Keys Data

Returns a players full key table which includes; all vehicles they have keys to (table).

Does Player Have Keys

Returns if the player has keys to the defined vehicle (boolean).

Get Plate

Returns the vehicle plate from the vehicle the player is sat in (string).

Get Config

Returns the full garage config (table).

Get Vehicles Data

Returns a large table from the cached vehicles data of all vehicles which includes; name, hash, price, category, model (table).

Usable Items

Usable items can be renamed or disabled in the [configs/config.lua].

Item NameDescription


Start lockpicking the closest vehicle.

Run these SQL queries in your database.
INSERT INTO `items` (`name`, `label`, `weight`, `rare`, `can_remove`) VALUES ('lockpick', 'Lockpick', 1, 0, 1);


Please check out our Troubleshooting Guide before contacting our support.

🔔 Folder Name Make sure the name of the folder is cd_garage.

🔔 Encrypted Files Do not edit the encrypted files in any way.

Screen Flickering?

eg., if your screen is flickering while using cd_easytime.

✔️ This is due to you having multiple time/weather sync scripts running at the same time fighting each other eg., vSync or vMenu. Stop the other time/weather script that is causing this or stop cd_easytime and remove it from the dependencies in the fxmanifest.lua of cd_garage.

SQL Default Value?

eg., if you see an error similar to this example when inserting an SQL query into your database - “BLOB/TEXT column 'adv_stats' can't have a default value”.

✔️ You can use “VARCHAR(256)” instead of “LONGTEXT” in the SQL query.

SQL Unknown Column?

eg., if you see an SQL error in the server console similar to this example - ER_BAD_FIELD_ERROR: Unknown colum 'job_personalspawn' in 'where clause'.

✔️ You are missing one of the required database columns. The SQL file can be found in the "READ_ME_AFTER_PURCHASING" folder.

Is the impound Not Opening?

eg., if you see a thin line on screen where the impound UI should be and you see a client F8 print saying "toLowerCase".

✔️ Part 1: Use this chat command in your server console before any player joins.
✔️ Part 2: Execute this SQL query in your database.
UPDATE owned_vehicles SET impound = 0, impound_data = '' WHERE impound > 0

'L' client-side F8 Error?

eg., if you see an error in the client-side F8 console similar to this example - attempt to call a number value (field 'L') - example.

✔️ This is caused by your anti-cheat. The creator of the anti-cheat most likely has a line of code that you can to add to the [cd_garage/fxmanifest.lua]. This should whitelist this resource and fix the issue.

Fuel Not Saving Correctly?

eg., if your vehicles fuel is not saving when you store a vehicle or not applying when spawning a vehicle in the garage.

✔️ This is because the GetFuel() and SetFuel() functions in the [configs/client_customise_me.lua] resource has not been configured for your servers vehicle fuel resource.

RGB Colours Not Saving Correctly?

eg., if your vehicles RGB colours are not saving when you store a vehicle or not applying when spawning a vehicle in the garage.

✔️ This is because you have not made the changes to your frameworks GetVehicleProperties() and SetVehicleProperties() functions that your mechanic/customs resource requires you to do.

"ExitLocation" client-side F8 error?

eg., if you see an error in the client-side F8 console similar to this example - attempt to call a nil value (field 'ExitLocation').

✔️ This happens when you spam the button on the UI to spawn a vehicle too fast, it does not break anything and can be ignored.


If you see an error code not listed below, please open a script support ticket in the Codesign Discord.

6458145 - #Step 1 has not been completed correctly. You have not added the adv_stats database column.

468454 - #Step 1 has not been completed correctly. You have not added the vehicles database table.

46584645 - #Step 1 has not been completed correctly. You have not added the impound and impound_data database columns.

5454 - #Step 1 has not been completed correctly. You have not added the cd_garage_keys database table.

3122 - #Step 1 has not been completed correctly. You have not added the cd_garage_privategarage database table.

1975 - The vehicle in the print below this print has not been added to QBCore's shared vehicle table.

0985 - In your QBCore shared vehicle table, the hash of the specified vehicle has been formatted incorrectly. Currently, it is in a string format, but you need to use backticks instead of apostrophes.

5111 - This error code is displayed when Config.UseExploitProtection is disabled as a warning. This most likely means the model variable inside the vehicle/mods column in the owned_vehicles/player_vehicles database table a player's vehicle is missing. This is due to your vehicle shops not working correctly. The easiest fix is to delete this vehicle from your database or manually add the plate inside this JSON file. But it can also mean a player is actally using a cheat engine on your server.


Files Changed

Not every update requires you to replace the whole folder. We do this because we understand it's a pain to redo the configs for every update.

  • All Files - This means you should delete your old cd_garage folder, download and add in the latest version, reconfigure the configs folder and restart your server.

  • All Files Except config.lua - This means you should do all of the above (in the All Files section) but additionally make a backup of the config.lua file and replace the new config.lua file with the one you made a backup of.

  • Specific Files - This means you can copy and paste the SPECIFIC new files over the old ones and restart the server.

Update Type

On rare occasions, you are forced to update to the latest version. Mostly due to authentication updates where the old versions will no longer work.

  • Mandatory - This means you MUST update to this new version, or the old versions will no longer work.

  • Optional - This means it's completely your choice whether you wish to update to the latest version. But we do not offer support for old versions for obvious reasons; they are old.

Skipping Updates

If you are attempting to update to the latest version but have skipped previous updates, you should update all files just to be safe. For example., let's say you are currently on v4.0.1, you did not update when v4.0.2 was released, and now v4.0.3 is released, and you want to update; you should always use the “All Files” update method.

26/12/2020 - 21/06/2021

v3.0.0 - v3.0.7

Files Changed:

Update Type:



  • Added search option to quick and impound menu

  • Vehicles can now be searched by name, location, plate or manufacturer

  • Added option to allow multiple jobs to use the JobRestricted garages

  • Added a staff command to change the plate of the vehicle you are in. This will allow custom plates to be used

  • Added logs for the vehicle management commands

  • Added a new function called SetFuel(), (just under the GetFuel() function) to the client_customise_me which will make adding compatibility with fuel scripts much easier. The read me has also been updated

  • Added a check for the /vehicle-plate command to make sure you can not change a plate to one that already exists

  • Added the vehicle labels to the transfer vehicle webhooks (ONLY when used from the chat command)

  • Added the ability to rename all esx events such as the setjob and playerloaded events

  • When using the regular job garage we added the ability to restrict cars to certain job grades

  • Added the ability to have dedicated car/air/boat garages for job garages. This will work with all 3 types of job garages

  • Added an event that you can trigger after a player purchases a vehicle and it will update the garage_type in the database

  • Added an event that you can trigger after purchasing a job vehicle and it will set the vehicle as a job owned vehicle (you can choose if you want this vehicle to be personal owned or society owned)

  • Added full locales to the discord logs so you no longer need to redo them every time the file is updated


  • Updated quick menu design

  • Improved load time of quick menu

  • Major optimisation of the client side ms usage

  • Updated all of the stylings of the logs

  • If you have added jobs to a JobRestricted garage, only people with said job(s) will be able to see this blip. It will also display which jobs this location is restricted to on the blip

  • Reworked the job cars garage to use the drawtextui instead of chat commands

  • Reworked the personal owned job vehicles. To make a vehicle a personal owned job vehicle you will need to set the new column in the database 'job_personalowned' to 1. Meaning you no longer need to add all of the personal owned job vehicles to a table in the config

  • Simplified the whole job garage system in the config so it's easier to understand

  • Updated the codesign error handlers

  • Reworked the garage tax system to get the garage tax value from each car from the "vehicles" database table. (make sure to insert the new SQL)

  • Reworked the use of the "vehicles" database table. We now get the vehicle display name, vehicle price, vehicle class and the garage tax amount for each vehicle

  • Updated the impound UI to the new system of getting the vehicle labels from the database if possible so it always shows the vehicles labels instead of the spawn names

  • Moved the webhooks to a server-only file so it can not be dumped from the config

  • When impounding a vehicle, you can now choose to send the ID of the vehicle you wish to impound (so you can impound vehicles which are still on the back of tow trucks)

  • Changed the /vehicle-add command so you can not add a vehicle to the database if it is already owned by a player

  • Changed the /vehicle-delete so it does not log to discord if the vehicle is not owned by a player


  • Fixed spawn bug with long vehicle loading times

  • Fixed a bug with the adv_stats on some vehicles in the database sometimes being set to false

  • The drawtextui now closes when the pause menu is open and reopens when you close it

  • Fixed a bug with the impound where it always showed the car being in the city impound even tho it could have been in other impounds

  • Fixed return vehicle not showing

  • Fixed unimpounding vehicle bug when Config.AnyoneCanImpound is enabled

  • Fixed /impound UI showing 'undefined'

  • Fixed a potential bug with pressing H (when you have no cars in garage) and then pressing E straight after

  • Fixed an issue with the cooldown on using the garage not working correctly

  • Fixed submarines not being recognised as boats

  • Fixed the job garages showing the ’Garage A’ on the UI as it should say ‘Job Garage’

  • Fixed a bug causing owned job garages to not function correctly

  • Fixed the regular job vehicles not displaying the vehicles label from the database

  • Fixed an issue with searching plates when using the impound UI

  • Fixed not being able to search for plates on the quick vehicle UI when caps lock is enabled

  • Temporary fix for the canary issue until the new Tebex FiveM license system is ready to launch, when this is released we will be fully switching over to the new system


  • Authentication update

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