FiveM Asset Escrow System
Here you will find important information about the NEW FiveM asset escrow system, frequently asked questions and solutions to common issues.


Read Before Purchasing

Use correct FiveM account

❗️ Your purchases are linked to your FiveM account, and your FiveM account is linked to your FiveM server license key. Meaning the FiveM account you use to login on Tebex before the purchase, needs to be the FiveM same account that you use to log into to generate your server license key.
❗️ It is required that your server is using server artifacts version 4752+.

Resource not working

You lack the required entitlement?

This message will be visible in your server console or client F8 console.
Explanation 1 After you purchase or transfer the resource(s) a server restart is always required.
Explanation 2 Your server is using a FiveM server license key that is not linked to the initial purchase, meaning the resource(s) were purchased on the wrong FiveM account.
Explanation 3 Because the resource(s) were transferred to you on MyCodesign by the original owner, meaning the purchase(s) are still linked to the origional owners FiveM account.
Explanation 4 Because you purchased through our old Shopify website before we moved to Tebex.
Explanation 5 Because you received free resource(s) from the Codesign Team using our old authentication system.

Failed to verify protected resource?

Explanation 1 Files were possibly corrupted during transfer.

Syntax error?

This message will be visible in your server console or client F8 console.
Explanation 1 Most likely because you are not using a compatible server artifacts version - #Minimum server artifacts version.
Explanation 2 Your server may need a restart.
Explanation 3 Because you have edited the encrypted code.
Explanation 4 Files were possibly corrupted during transfer.

Couldn't start resource?

This will cause players to not be able to join your server.
Explanation 1 If this only happens to some players, but not all of them, this is because the time on your VPS/dedicated server is behind.


I own 3 servers, can I use the same resource on my 3 different servers at the same time?
Can I transfer the resource to another FiveM account?