Codesign Documentation
Learn more about Codesign scripts, follow installation guides or adjust your scripts based off our README files.

About Us

We are a team of developers creating and distributing UI-based scripts.
Our work is tested, upgraded, and improved daily!
View more on our Discord, or send us a message at [email protected].

Terms of Service

Please read very carefully. We have a zero-tolerance stance on this.
Unauthorized use or distribution ("leaking") of Codesign scripts, whether they are free of charge or paid scripts, is strictly prohibited. Whoever owns the script is responsible for the use of the script and the token(s) associated with it.
If you or your server are found actively engaging in unauthorized use or distribution of our products, the following things will happen:
    Token(s) associated with your account will be revoked
    IP addresses associated with your account will be blacklisted from our services
    Your account and email address will be banned from Codesign website
    Your Discord account will be banned from Codesign Discord and your account will be added to the global blacklist bot ("Stop The Resellers")
    No refunds for revoked tokens will be issued under any circumstances
    The Discord server and hosting service you are found to be distributing our scripts will receive a DMCA notice which most likely will result in a shut down of those services
    Using leaked Codesign scripts on your FiveM server(s) will also lead your server to be reported to FiveM.
In the end, leaking is stealing. We put in hours and hours to provide unique scripts for the FiveM community. Instead of issuing DMCAs, playing detective, and fighting the leak attempts, we would love to spend that time coding new scripts and provide great support for our existing ones.
Don´t promote or engage in unauthorized use or distribution, report it to us:
You can report unauthorized use to us by DMing any member of the dev or authentication team (or you can open an "Authentication Support" ticket). If you want to make our job easier, please leave some proof (screenshot or video with the leaker's name visible) and Discord ID or server invite link so we can confirm the leak. Your identity will be handled with the utmost discretion.


Who is eligible for support?

    Every Codesign customer
    Every confirmed developer of a customer
      This means the product owner needs to confirm the developer as their own
*We reserve the right to DENY support to every customer and non-customer in case they are not following our guidelines and not being well-mannered towards Our staff members.

What to expect from our support?

    Detailed documentation and installation guides
      We provide detailed documentation and installation guides to make Your installation process easier.
      Please always refer to our documentation before contacting support.
      Most of the questions You might have are documented and will resolve Your issues much quicker than waiting for a support member response.
    First-time installation support
      Support may guide You through the installation in case You are struggling with the provided documentation and steps.
      In case some of the codesign bug codes appear always refer to the codesign documentation first.
      If the bug code is not on the common error codes section our support will provide help.
    Tips & tricks
      Our support team will often try to give best-practice advice, as well as hints to what might solve your issues and improve your script experience.
    English-only support
      Due to our team limitations please expect to only receive help in ENGLISH.

What NOT to expect from our support?

    Teaching how to code
      We are expecting Our customers to have at least a basic knowledge of coding in Lua.
      Before purchasing always check the documentation in order to make sure You will be able to install the script Yourself.
    Installing the scripts for You
      Due to numerous liability issues, we can not use remote services (such as Teamviewer, AnyDesk, etc…) to install the scripts for You.
      Before purchasing always check the documentation in order to make sure You will be able to install the script Yourself.
    Re-installing the scripts
      Once we help install the script for the first time, we cannot offer additional support for installations on new servers, different frameworks, etc…
    Help with customizing the scripts
      We provide the product as-is, in case You decide to customize it to Your liking please do not expect us to provide support with it.
    Support with leaked content
      Our support has full rights to deny support of any content we might believe is leaked (not acquired legally).
    Support with other content
      We cannot offer support with content which is not related to Our products.
      We cannot modify and/or access other paid content.

Before contacting our support

    Make sure to check the documentation
      Follow every installation step (do not skip them unless instructed to)
      Read the common issues carefully
      Read the common error codes carefully
      Read and follow the troubleshooting guide
    Keep in mind our scripts are running on many servers
      We know resolving issues may be frustrating at times, but please do not blame the script at first.
      The most likely issue is script installation or configuration, and not an actual bug.
    Keep a cool head
      Our support is here to attempt to resolve the issues You are having.
      Refrain from arguing with support members.
    Google the issue
      Believe it or not - FiveM has a very large community which loves to help people out. Most of the issues are already documented online!
    Open a support ticket
      Please choose the correct type of ticket and read the introductory message
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